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Maurice Bourlion

Maurice Bourlion is the co-inventor of PediGuard™ and co-inventor of Electroconductive Shockwave Lithotrispy.

Today he is Professor at Jean Monnet University in Saint Etienne France. He is also Board Member of SpineGuard, a medical device start-up that aims to make spine surgery safer and member of its Scientific Advisory Board.

Formerly Maurice Bourlion was Executive Vice President for SpineVision® group and General Manager of its North American subsidiary in San Francisco (California, USA).


Beside his international experience of Marketing for HighTech products Maurice's scientific expertise is broad and includes pressure transducers (he has directed the study "Maintenance of graft compression in adult cervical spine"), ultrasounds, shock waves, electrophysiology in particular electro stimulation.
Prior to this Maurice was Business Development Director at Medtronic and successfully launched incontinence pacing products and sleep diseases devices in Europe.
Before that he was involved in the international development and the successful launch of Extracorporeal Lithotripters of Technomed International group and held several positions as project and product manager.

He started his career in the basic research group of Dowell Schlumberger where he participated to design experimental set-up for measuring fluid flow in heterogeneous media.

Maurice Bourlion holds a biomedical engineering degree from Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Electronique et de ses Applications (ENSEA) and a University Degree in Electronics.

He is also Certified Professor at the college of electrical engineering and computer science. He is author of more than 40 scientific publications and listed as inventor for 18 patents. He is a member of the NewYork Academy of Sciences.

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